2021: Awarded $1.55 Million From NIMH for Health Information Technology to Support Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Risk Assessment for Early Diagnosis.

2021: Eller MIS Professor Awarded $1.4 Million From NLM/NIH To Study Audio Information Delivery

Text Simplification Editor: The first version of our text simplification tool is now available. It includes lexical simplification, negation detection (you'd be surprised how often you use double negation, e.g., not illogical), grammar feedback, and a topic visualization section, ah and a few remaining issues that need fixing. All simplification suggestions are backed by user studies.

How does it work: 

  • Copy and paste your text and click 'simplify'. You will get suggestions that you can use.
  • The Lexical Chains tab shows how topics are distributed throughout the text. Try and get the same topics in the same paragraph.

This is a semi-automated simplification editor because with medical text, we have to ensure information remains correct. Nobody but a human can do this at the moment!


Press: Wildcat: Eller researcher uses skills to hunt autism data

Just useful: AMCIS 2017 Doctoral Consortium in Boston - Panel Presentation: the job talk.


Independent Studies

Looking for an independent study to complete your skills and get some in-depth experience while doing an interesting research project? 

* Participation is limited to students who completed the Web Mining and Computing course, the Data Mining Course or a Computational Linguistics course  and received an A.