Tomorrow's Leaders Equipped For Diversity

More than 50 students earned their Certificate of Completion this Spring 2017 semester. Congratulations to all!


By participating in the program, you will be invited to take different viewpoints and hear from people with different viewpoints. We have 3 to 4 speakers scheduled every spring. You can watch them live or on our YouTube Channel.

Students from the University of Arizona can earn a certificate of completion by attending three or more lectures and completing the associated mini-quizzes.

We also provide travel opportunities for students to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

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A Brief Sample of Negotiations.

Barry Goldman, PhD, Associate Professor of Management and Organizations, University of Arizona 

Friday, January 27 – Room 208 


Diversity and Inclusion is Everyone’s Full Time Role.

Mike Miles , General Manager & Executive Sponsor of Diversity and Inclusion, Microsoft Cloud and Infrastructure Operations 

Friday, February 24 – Room 208 


Sponsorships and mentorships- how to navigate the first years of your career.

 Katee Van Horn, Vice President Engagement & Inclusion, GoDaddy 

Friday, March 31 – Room 208 


How CONTEXT Influences Thinking and Action.

Linda Alepin, PhD, Chair Emeritus and a Co-founder, Global Women's Leadership Network 

Friday, April 28 – Room 214 



For more program information, please continue to the program website.