Press - Wildcat: Eller researcher uses skills to hunt autism data

Funding - Gondy Leroy (P.I) with Mihai Surdeanu, Sydney Pettygrove, and Maureen Kelly, AHRQ, Enabling large-scale research on autism spectrum disorders through automated processing of EHR using natural language understanding , $292K (1R21HS024988-01A1)

AMCIS 2017 Doctoral Consortium in Boston - Panel Presentation: the job talk.

In Spring 2017, more than 50 students earned a certificate of Tomorrow's Leaders Equipped for Diversity. The certificates will be mailed soon and the names added to the website. Congratulations to all!

Summer 2017 - Eller Center for Mgt Innovation in Healthcare Funding. EHR Gold Standard Dataset Creation for Autism Spectrum Disorders Surveillance Project, 5K, 2017. 



Example Independent Studies

Looking for an independent study to complete your skills and get some in-depth experience while doing an interesting research project? Read on ...

Participation is limited to students who completed the Web Mining and Computing course, the Data Mining Course or a Computational Linguistics course  and received an A.

Example 1: Are bios and profiles written by men and women different? Do we see different language patterns? Can we predict gender? Can we find  implicit evidence of mentor relationships between people. Skills to be learned: NLP, machine learning

Example 2: Do laypersons and clinicians see autism differently?What are the main diagnostic criteria, problems and solutions mentioned for ASD (autism spectrum disorder) Are there differences between clinicians and laypersons who are discussing autism.  Skills to be learned: NLP, scraping of text (if needed), machine learning

Example 3: Structured and unstructured information matching.Mining is an important industry in Arizona. We have access to a data set with thousands of descriptions of accidents. Does the textual description match the structured information? Does the type of accidents change over time? Skills to be learned: SQL Server and java connections, NLP, machine learning.

Example 4: Voice and audio (Alexa, Siri, ...) How good are the existing text-to-voice algorithms for medical language? Learn how to write skills for an Alexa application. Skills to be learned: developing project on Amazon, Alexa skills, NLP.

Example 5: Fake medical news and cures. Can we automatically discover when a medical cure is fake? Skills to be learned: NLP, machine learning.